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August 31

Review: Low-fodmap protein powder

I am on a bit of a ‘lose weight/eat better’ kick at the moment, and part of that was finding a protein powder.

At first, I was despairing at finding one that wouldn’t upset my stomach, but you can surely imagine my delight when I found out there was a Fodmap Friendly-approved protein powder now available?

April 21

Review: Fodmapper

Unless you have been hiding under a rock within the online low-FODMAP community over the last month of so, you will know about the launch of Australian Gluten-Free Life’s special issue – Fodmapper. The magazine was highly anticipated from what I could see online, and I know I certainly raced out and picked it up […]

September 15

You do you, I’ll do me: a rant

Soooo…. You can’t eat X, but then WHY can you have Z? I thought you said (insert random food here) makes you sick? Isn’t (insert other random food here) the same? How come you can have that? Are you just following a trend? Can’t you eat anything? You seem to be making this up as […]

February 24

What I wish I had known…

As I start day three of my first challenge week (still no symptoms, hooray!), I find myself thinking back on the last four and a bit weeks and how much I have learnt over that time. Which got me thinking about what I know now, that I really wish I had known at the start. One […]

February 19

Here come the challenges

So I saw my dietician yesterday. The good news: she is happy with my progress and my success so far. The other good news: she wants me to move onto phase 2 of the low-FODMAP diet, the challenge phase. I am seeing a lot of concern and nervousness about the challenge phase, and it seems […]

February 17

Today is all about reflection

Tomorrow, I see my dietician for the first time since starting this diet (roughly three and a half weeks ago). Naturally, I have gone through my food and symptom diary, and have been generally reflecting on how things have gone as I look ahead to this appointment with a mix of positive expectation and nervousness. […]

February 16

Love is all around

Excuse the gross headline, over the top right? Ugh! However, despite its cliche-ness and general ickiness, this is the only way I can think of to properly explain how I am feeling right now. Yesterday, I had ventured out into the world of posting my blog on the two Facebook groups that have been a […]

February 15

Review: Woolworths’ Free From Gluten Buttermilk Pancakes

I was a very lucky girl on Sunday, when my partner decided to make me these very cute pancakes using a gluten-free pancake mix I had picked up to try earlier in the week. I had tried a ‘from scratch’ gluten-free pancake recipe previously and found it not really up to the task of satisfying […]

February 13

Crying in the supermarket, and the silver lining…

What’s that saying? One step forward, two steps back? Last night I was congratulating myself on how I’m adapting to this diet… I was really feeling like I was getting on top of it, and then BAM, cue holding back tears in the middle of Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon because I’m just completely and […]

February 13

Tried and Tested: Sweet potato, blue cheese and spinach frittata

I tried my first recipe from The Food Intolerance Management Plan (available for purchase from Shepherd Works) by Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, and if I do say so myself, it was a great success! The recipe is called ‘Sweet Potato, Blue Cheese and Spinach Frittata’ and is located in Part Two (recipes) of the book. I […]

February 12

Review: Food Intolerance Management Plan

You may remember that recently I received some books from Dr Sue Shepherd’s Shepherd Works. I have spent the last few days reading the larger of these two books: The Food Intolerance Management Plan (http://www.foodintolerancemanagementplan.com.au/). Authored by Dr Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, the cover of this book states that it provides “a complete health […]

February 11

REVIEW: Low FODMAP Diet Food Shopping Guide

Well, the time has come for me to start looking through these very exciting books that have arrived earlier this week! Today, I put aside some time from work to go through the smaller of the two – The “Low Fodmap Diet Food Shopping Guide, 6th Edition” by Sue Shepherd (available for purchase at http://shepherdworks.com.au/) Well, […]