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September 15

You do you, I’ll do me: a rant

Soooo…. You can’t eat X, but then WHY can you have Z? I thought you said (insert random food here) makes you sick? Isn’t (insert other random food here) the same? How come you can have that? Are you just following a trend? Can’t you eat anything? You seem to be making this up as […]

February 07

Cravings be gone!

So, today was the fourth and final day event-wise for this particular event I am working. It comprised of a 3.00am wake-up, a 4.00am on-site time, a 12 hour race that started at 5.45am, and then another four hours or so of work post-race. All together, on-site for around 18 hours. My bag was absolutely […]