March 09

Challenge Three: Lactose

How time is flying! Week three of reintroduction is here, and this week’s star player: low-fat milk, 1/2 a cup to be precise. To be honest, I am pretty happy with this week, not just because (so far) the symptoms seem okay, but because of how simple is it to incorporate a 1/2 cup of […]

March 06

Tried and Tested Recipe: No Bake Choc Crunch Bars

I saved the link to this recipe from TODAY from one of the low-FODMAP Facebook Groups I am a part of a while back, and when I was looking for travel-friendly snacks to make for a work trip, I thought it was a great excuse to give it a try. You can check it out […]

March 05

Tried and Tested Recipe: No Bake Energy Bites

Simple, easy, high-energy, low-FODMAP, can travel well: that’s what I am looking for when it comes to food prep for my work trips away. These energy bites tick all the boxes – I found a recipe on Gimme Some Oven (click here) – see note below about needing a sub to be low-FODMAP – but I understand […]

March 04

Tried and Tested Recipe: Peanut Butter and Choc Granola Bars

In my seemingly never-ending search for travel-friendly low-FODMAP snacks for my trips away for work, I came across a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars from Kate Scarlata –  I decided this sounded like a great one to try out, and as per usual, I made a few changes. Instead of the suggested all-natural […]

March 03

Tried and Tested Recipe: Low-FODMAP Anzac Biscuits

So I am about to go travelling again for work – only two nights this time so will be easier to manage than last time, but no cooking facilities and again no food available during the day, so still plenty of prep required. I found a heap of recipes for things I can create to […]

March 01

Challenge Two: Mannitol

This week’s challenge FODMAP is Mannitol. I had planned to test with snow peas – as it was one of three suggested test items for Mannitol alongside cauliflower and mushrooms on my guide sheet from my dietician.I had made this decision purely on the fact that I don’t mind snow peas, and I thought they […]

February 27

Curse the mighty heat wave…

I don’t know what it is like where you are, but here in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), it certainly feels like hell has cracked open and is spewing its fiery heat all over the place – it is HOT! Luckily, I have managed to ensconce myself in my air-conditioned house (I work from home) for most […]

February 26

Dear Doctor…

Today I went to the doctor, as promised in yesterday’s post, to get a referral for someone to talk to about the various things I am facing at the moment. I have been through this process twice before in my life, during traumatic periods for me and my loved ones. Each time, the first step – […]

February 25

My hardest post to date…

Yesterday was not a good day. I wasn’t okay. I wasn’t even slightly okay. From late-afternoon, I felt like crawling up in a ball in the corner and crying. I didn’t quite get to that level, but I did sit on my couch and have a cry there instead, with my two amazing kitty cats […]

February 24

What I wish I had known…

As I start day three of my first challenge week (still no symptoms, hooray!), I find myself thinking back on the last four and a bit weeks and how much I have learnt over that time. Which got me thinking about what I know now, that I really wish I had known at the start. One […]

February 23

Challenge One: Sorbitol

So, the time has come to start challenging. First cab off the rank is Sorbitol – to be tested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, with either 1/2 cup/10 blackberries (frozen is okay) or 4 apricot-halves each day. I went with the blackberries, as even though I have never had them (I know!) I […]

February 20

Dear stress: I hate you

Let me level up here: I am nervous as f$%k about challenging on Monday. Why? ‘Cos even though I don’t start challenging until Monday, I already feel sick. Why? That doesn’t even make sense?! Because challenges with food are not all I am dealing with right now. Stress is a commonly cited IBS trigger, and […]