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August 31

Review: Low-fodmap protein powder

I am on a bit of a ‘lose weight/eat better’ kick at the moment, and part of that was finding a protein powder.

At first, I was despairing at finding one that wouldn’t upset my stomach, but you can surely imagine my delight when I found out there was a Fodmap Friendly-approved protein powder now available?

April 21

Review: Fodmapper

Unless you have been hiding under a rock within the online low-FODMAP community over the last month of so, you will know about the launch of Australian Gluten-Free Life’s special issue – Fodmapper. The magazine was highly anticipated from what I could see online, and I know I certainly raced out and picked it up […]

March 06

Tried and Tested Recipe: No Bake Choc Crunch Bars

I saved the link to this recipe from TODAY from one of the low-FODMAP Facebook Groups I am a part of a while back, and when I was looking for travel-friendly snacks to make for a work trip, I thought it was a great excuse to give it a try. You can check it out […]

March 05

Tried and Tested Recipe: No Bake Energy Bites

Simple, easy, high-energy, low-FODMAP, can travel well: that’s what I am looking for when it comes to food prep for my work trips away. These energy bites tick all the boxes – I found a recipe on Gimme Some Oven (click here) – see note below about needing a sub to be low-FODMAP – but I understand […]

March 04

Tried and Tested Recipe: Peanut Butter and Choc Granola Bars

In my seemingly never-ending search for travel-friendly low-FODMAP snacks for my trips away for work, I came across a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars from Kate Scarlata –  I decided this sounded like a great one to try out, and as per usual, I made a few changes. Instead of the suggested all-natural […]

March 03

Tried and Tested Recipe: Low-FODMAP Anzac Biscuits

So I am about to go travelling again for work – only two nights this time so will be easier to manage than last time, but no cooking facilities and again no food available during the day, so still plenty of prep required. I found a heap of recipes for things I can create to […]

February 15

Review: Woolworths’ Free From Gluten Buttermilk Pancakes

I was a very lucky girl on Sunday, when my partner decided to make me these very cute pancakes using a gluten-free pancake mix I had picked up to try earlier in the week. I had tried a ‘from scratch’ gluten-free pancake recipe previously and found it not really up to the task of satisfying […]

February 12

Review: Food Intolerance Management Plan

You may remember that recently I received some books from Dr Sue Shepherd’s Shepherd Works. I have spent the last few days reading the larger of these two books: The Food Intolerance Management Plan ( Authored by Dr Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, the cover of this book states that it provides “a complete health […]

February 11

REVIEW: Low FODMAP Diet Food Shopping Guide

Well, the time has come for me to start looking through these very exciting books that have arrived earlier this week! Today, I put aside some time from work to go through the smaller of the two – The “Low Fodmap Diet Food Shopping Guide, 6th Edition” by Sue Shepherd (available for purchase at Well, […]

February 10

A little bit of stress…

While Fodmapping is what my doctor has me focusing on right now, I have always known that my belly seems to be upset more when I am encountering areas of stress – especially personal stress or anxiety. Someone suggested to me a while back to have a think about the adult colouring book craze that […]

February 05

I really do have great work-mates…

So, day two is run and done, and today’s lessons are: Sometimes, amazing catering companies provide gluten-free and vegetarian options. Sometimes, amazing work mates see this and basically run over the top of other people to tell you that you can, after all, eat some of the at-event food! Only to be crestfallen when you […]

January 28

For the love of chocolate…

Oh dear lord, how I craved a chocolate cake today. I work from home, it was raining, and it was just tearing at me on the inside that I couldn’t tuck into a nice warm cuppa with some freshly baked chocolate cake with an awesome topping of chocolate icing on the top – alas, all […]