Review: Low-fodmap protein powder

Hi all! Long time no speak 🙂 Life has been intensely insane over here, but I guess that is how life always is right?

Anywho, I am on a bit of a ‘lose weight/eat better’ kick at the moment, and part of that was finding a protein powder.

At first, I was despairing at finding one that wouldn’t upset my stomach, but you can surely imagine my delight when I found out there was a Fodmap Friendly-approved protein powder now available?

It is from Stellar Labs based in the US. I ordered through their website on the evening of the 16th of August (Australian time), putting myself down for one of the vanilla and one of the chocolate (because variety is the spice of life right? And also because at $20.00 shipping and $32.95 a container, it was more cost effective to buy two).

The product was shipped on the 18th of August, and arrived here at my Queensland home on the 24th – six days later. In my book, for international shipping I thought that was pretty quick so I was happy with that.

protein2So, onto testing out my new goodies!

Checking out the label, it suggests that you can mix the formula with liquid in a shaker, blender or with a glass and a spoon.

I don’t have a blender but I tried the other methods with very definitive results as far as my preference. Maybe my stirring method was incompetent, but I will not be partaking in the glass and spoon method again – it had lumps, it kept looking like it was separating, it just didn’t work for me. I would be very interested to hear if others had better results than me in this method, I have a sneaking suspicion I just didn’t do it right.

But anyhow, I do have a shaker – just a basic one from Coles – and that worked an absolute treat.

Now – as far as what you mix it with and how much you use… the label suggests you can mix it with either water or milk, and suggests one rounded scoop with 6-8 ounces (that is 177ml to 236ml for those of us on the metric system) of liquid – stating you can vary the amount of liquid for taste preference.

Now, these scoops are pretty big so for me, that seemed like a lot of powder for a small amount of liquid, but I guess it comes down to personal preference. You can definitely drink it like that and it is great, but after trying varying amounts of powder v liquid equations, I ended up preferring around half a scoop to about 350ml of liquid. I recommend that if you do give this a try, to try some different measurements yourself to work out what you like best – I think there is no right or wrong here, it all comes down to personal taste.

So the next question is – water or milk?


First I tried water…tap water. This was a big no-no. Tap water (ie room temperature water) is not appealing AT ALL in my experience.

If you want to go with water – and it is a good idea if you can because its less calories, and also a lot cheaper than chewing through all your milk 3 x faster than you used to – then go with cold water. With cold water, it is quite tasty.

For milk, I used skim milk, and I found this the most tasty way to have this shake. The downside is of course that you go through milk at a rate of knots and that is both more expensive and sees you taking in more calories than if you were going for the powder plus water option. Having said that, in my case I am using this powder as a meal replacement, so even with milk it is A LOT better for calories and for all the ‘good stuff’ than what I would have been eating LOL

EDIT: since posting this, my partner has suggested I try half water, half milk – I will give this a go tomorrow and post the results on my FB page, stay tuned!

Now that I had made decisions on stirring methods and powder v liquid ratios, the final thing to weigh up was the age old question: vanilla or chocolate!

I am going to be a dirty old fence sitter here guys, I really can’t decide. I have tried both multiple times and with milk and water, and I just can’t pick between the two.

So, the final verdict?

protein4I am a fan. I recommend you experiment to find the powder v liquid formulation that works best for you. Remember to use cold water if you are using water, and let me know how you go with manual stirring! As far a cost, the label says you get 28 serves for a bottle so that works out to approximately $1.17 per serve US, but if you are like me and use a half serve then you are going to stretch that a bit further of course so I think this is pretty cost effective too! $20 shipping isn’t great but it is understandable and appropriate given it is coming from the US to Australia and the shipping is quick, and if you order two bottles like I did it is again more cost effective.

As an aside, my non-fodmapping partner, who has a lot more experience in protein shakes than I (this is literally my first foray into this type of thing) also really likes this protein, and has been using it to start his day on his way to work since I got it.

Of course, these are all just my personal opinions, if you have tried the Stellar Labs Fodmap approved protein shakes or other protein shakes, I would love to hear what you thought?!

Until next time lovelies,

Manda xo