Review: Fodmapper

Unless you have been hiding under a rock within the online low-FODMAP community over the last month of so, you will know about the launch of Australian Gluten-Free Life’s special issue – Fodmapper.

The magazine was highly anticipated from what I could see online, and I know I certainly raced out and picked it up at my first opportunity.

My first question is – how often will this magazine be released? I want to know, as I will be buying it from now on 😀

That should give you an indication of my thoughts on the first issue, but here are some more details:

FAVOURITE ARTICLE: Tummy Tamers – although I have been on this journey for over 12 months now, this article was illuminating for me. It covered a lot of issues in a relatively short space, in an easy to understand manner.

SHOPPING ANGST: The Let’s Go Shopping article was also something I liked. Of course, at this point I know how to go shopping on the low-fodmap diet, but this article really helped remind me of a few things and tighten up my approach to be a bit more efficient than perhaps I have been, thanks to a bit of complacency creeping in.

BLOG CHAT: I also liked the articles on the two low-FODMAP bloggers, and was not surprised at all to see Alana Scott as a feature for the first edition.

RECIPES: So many recipes, and the index was a nice touch – to be completely honest I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes as yet as I have been absolutely flat tack with work including lots of travel, but I will be soon I promise.

NOW LET’S TALK PRICE: All in all, I think this is a good mag and a good read, but it can’t be denied that there has been a lot of discussion online about the price ($16.99) being too high. Unfortunately we must accept that this is the reality of today’s publishing market. For this kind of speciality glossy magazine, that is the price you can expect to pay. I shudder to remember my days of buying wedding magazines, some of those babies ran at $30 a pop! Try and think of it this way – with the information provided, the recipes listed etc, you are saving time (and we all know time is money) and stress trying to find answers or go-to info, and also lost ingredients (more money) due to failed attempts if cooking experiments go wrong. That is how I like to look at it anyway – to me, convenience is king, so if buying a mag like this can help make my life a little more easier, I am happy to pay the current price.

Anywho, happy reading!

Until next time,

Manda xo