May 29

Life after reintroduction…

So, here I am, a little while down the road from finishing reintroduction with my dietician and living the day to day low-Fodmap life according to my own specific digestive needs.

Over the first few weeks I reintroduced regular milk up to my pre-elimination levels, as lactose was the one thing that I was lucky enough to get an all clear on. That was good – have certainly enjoyed being able to grab a cuppa with friends with more ease, and not bring my own milk with me!

I took a break from testing out small amounts of the other elements I can have ‘some of’ for a while as I was recovering from a car accident and full-up of medications and so forth, so I kept it pretty strictly low-fodmap apart from the lactose at that point.

This weekend, I am away at my first work event since the accident, and am pleased to report I am pretty much recovered. I have to take it easy with lifting, stretching etc, but I am no longer on any pain meds (although I have come down with a spectacular cold this weekend which is not being helped by the lovely Phillip Island weather we are all experiencing here!).

Apart from being my first trip back after hurting myself, it is also the first trip away where I have not been on the elimination diet/reintroduction testing stage for the year.

I still brought with me some pre-prepared snacks, but I have ventured a basic sandwich for lunch (multigrain bread, ham, lettuce) prepared by someone else, and chicken schnitzel and chips and salad for tea each night. Given the bread and bread crumbs and risk of seasoning and so forth on the chips, in the salsa etc, I was careful to keep the rest of my diet low-fodmap, but I have gotten away relatively  unscathed I think.

I am a little slow moving (if you get my meaning) this weekend and as a result pretty bloated, but I think that is more to do with the cold and flu meds than what I have been eating food-wise, and I haven’t felt unwell stomach-wise aside from a bit of bloating – so I am counting this as a win 🙂

I travel again in another two weeks, and hopefully that time I won’t be struck down with the flu, so I will be able to get a really good gauge. But going on this weekend, I am feeling hopeful that my plan of how I will work this low-fodmap thing long-term is looking like it might just work out 🙂

Now that I am more or less back on deck, I will be doing more cooking and testing out of recipes, so I will be sure to share what I find on here 🙂