May 01

Car accidents and other fun stuff

Last time we spoke, I had just finished my last appointment with my dietician, and was preparing to get going on the ‘day to day’ of being a low FODMAPer, while not as on such strict restrictions now that we knew my ‘triggers’.

I promised more regular posts after a few weeks of quiet time due to some personal issues, and I also got really excited on my FB page about some new books that a lovely member of my family purchased for me.

But it seems, as it often does, life had other plans.

This time, it decided a good idea was to send me (as a passenger in a car) careening into the back of a stationary hatchback at 60kmh.

I can tell you what – that hurt! It was also quite a shock too, as I was looking out the window checking out a house that was being reno-ed, and so didn’t even know what was happening until I was wrapped around the seat belt.

I am generally fine (and everyone else thankfully escaped any injury), but I have a few weeks of recovery ahead of me before I am back to normal. I have a bruised sternum, whiplash, and general muscle soreness.

We are a week in at this point, and the muscle soreness is easing and I can now turn my neck sideways both ways, whereas I couldn’t a few days ago (up and down is still tricky though). So that is good news!

The issue is the bruised sternum (that’s what some call the breast bone, basically its the flat bit that runs between your boobs, and joins your rib cage in the middle).

This is bruised as all hell from the belt, and apparently I am told can take 4 to 6 weeks on average to stop hurting like a motherf*&ker – mostly due to the fact that no matter how much you are resting, you are still breathing constantly so it doesn’t really get a break. Add in the fun of the occasional hiccup or god forbid, sneezing, and you have yourself a pretty nice pain/pity party going on LOL.

Anyhow, this week has pretty much seen me in a cycle of working for a few hours, then napping for a few hours, then working again… keeping my business afloat (thankfully with no big events at the moment I can do that from my bed with my laptop) while giving in to the sleepiness from the nasty painkillers when needed. Thankfully I have been well supported by this little cutie (pictured below) who hasn’t left my side, and also my lovely partner who has kept me well stocked with tea and toast and yummy dinners this week.

With my doctor taking me off said painkillers today (they are those nasty addictive ones so I could only be on them for the worst part) I don’t expect to be so sleepy from now on, so I hope to be getting back to posting more regularly again.

Anyhow, I hope you are all well! I just wanted to give you an update on my whereabouts. Keep smiling 🙂 x

pep bed