The final word from the dietician…

So with reintroduction technically done (although today I continue to feel the affects of the kidney beans) it was time for my dietician appointment to get the final verdict.

Essentially, I am to consider my choices more open, but still keep the low-fodmap approach in mind.

For instance, I can have some yummy white bread, but I probably want to have a relatively low-fodmap day otherwise, and not eat it every day of course.

I can have a little bit of onion or garlic in sauces, but probably make sure the rest of the meal is low-fodmap.

If I am going to have a blow-out dinner, make sure I have a low-fodmap day leading up.

And if I have dramas, remember I can go back to full low-fodmap for a few days to level out again, and then try again.

As far as reintroducing foods, slow and steady, in small amounts, and one at a time is  the deal. Reintroduce something over a week, and one thing at a time.

As far as the groups, these are my instructions, and overall, I have some options (yay!)

  • Sorbitol – yes (reintroduce second) – I had no reactions so no issues expected here
  • Mannitol – in small doses, not too often, go easy in reintroducing (reintroduce third) – I had some minor reactions here, but possibly due to accidently overdoing it
  • Lactose – yes (reintroduce first) – I had no reactions so no issues expected here, although she cautioned me against drinking massive glasses of milk every day just because I can. Instead, just try and work my way back up to what I used to drink.
  • Fructose – judgement calls and pick your timing/situation/battles – very small doses and be careful – I had some urgency issues here, so will be very careful with this one.
  • Wheat (Fructans/GOS) – same as above – 1 slice might be okay or 2 depending on what else I have been eating around that time, but I know I have issues with self-control with yummy fresh white bread, so will have to be careful.
  • Garlic (Fructans/GOS) – same as above as far as consider what else you are eating in the meal, that day etc, and be cautious of accidently over doing it due to the fact that garlic powder is ever-present in many things that could mean accidental consumption.
  • Onion (Fructans/GOS) – same as for garlic, but a bit more so as while the reaction to both was bloating/gas and some backing up, the gas was MUCH worse on this one hahaha
  • Legumes (Fructans/GOS) – generally avoid, especially lentils due to the high fibre content (which she thinks I was reacting too more than the fodmaps, causing the severe cramping), go easy on the rest.  Given the fact that I have had the delayed reaction to the kidney beans meaning a very upset stomach last night and some D, should probably be avoiding them as well. To be honest, I don’t eat a lot in this group anyway, so it isn’t a major loss.

All in all, I am pretty happy. I can have bits and pieces when I want, and I have more freedom when going out for coffee or breakfast in that I can have regular milk – this is a huge win for me! Being able to know that I can have little things here and there when I want as long as I prepare and plan the rest of the day to compensate is really good and making me feel like I will have more freedom than I have before once I get the hang of it 🙂

Thanks so much for everyone that has followed along on the journey! I will keep posting as I go, I will be staying generally  low-fodmap so will still be sure to share products and recipes I come across and just general thoughts as well. This has been a massive and sometimes exceptionally challenging and distressing journey, but I have been so lucky to have so much support and it really has been worth it to be well.

Until next time, have a awesome day!

Manda x