Catching up…re-intro update

So, its been a while….

Firstly, please let me apologise for going almost completely AWOL other than a few facebook posts lately.

The truth is, I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately, and it has meant that my motivation and will to do most things has been completely sucked from my body of late.

Thankfully, I am happy to report that the light is starting to shine through the end of the tunnel again, and that means that I am able to write this post FINALLY after sitting down to write it a few times over the week or two.

So, what have we missed? A few things actually, here is the quick summary otherwise you will be reading for daaaaaaays:

After the wheat test – which ended up with me having some small cramps on day one, but urgency on day two and three, came garlic, onion and then  (finally) legumes.

This is how that all played out :

Challenge Six – Garlic – gassy and bloated all three days, but no real BM issues other than some constipation in general that I am putting down to stress, not fodmaps.

Challenge Seven – Onion – exceptionally gassy (sorry those around me) and bloated all three days, but no real BM issues, if anything, things started to normalise again mid-way through this test phase in that department.

Challenge Eight (final challenge) – Legumes – was suffering from constipation from a fodmap accident on the weekend (dining out) and on Monday tested lentils – cue the worse cramps I have had since going on this journey, which lasted all night and into the morning. Was not a happy camper. Given that lentils are lower in fodmap than the next two test subjects for that week – chickpeas and red kidney beans – to say I was scared of the next step was an understatement.

Surprisingly though – I escaped. Only mild cramping for chickpeas and even less cramping for kidney beans. Although increase in BMs, but normal ones, just more than usual. I am very keen to see what the dietitian thinks that all means as I am perplexed!

I have my appointment with the dietician tomorrow to review everything, so I will report back with where things are at and what the next stage is now that this ‘testing’ part is done and dusted 🙂