Challenge Four: Fructose

Oh oh….This week’s challenge is fructose, and it appears this week is the first week that I have some proper reactions 😦

Funnily enough, while I have been cursing fructose this week, I am kind of relieved to have had a clear result to something.

I know that is strange, as I definitely don’t want to be sick and I want to have as minimal intolerances as possible of course…but after all of this over the past eight weeks, I think my brain would have exploded if I went through the whole re-introduction phase and had no reactions, which would have seen me back at square one again and unsure as to why doing elimination made such a difference. Does that seem crazy? Probably, lol.


I tested with three teaspoons of honey per day for three days, and on two out of those three days I found myself confined to the bathroom. On the other, I couldn’t even though I wanted to – so I got both ends of the scale there, isn’t that awesome lol. Plus some bloating and some gassiness and some general just feeling unwell…so it seems fructose may be a issue. And here I was thinking I was getting off lightly so far!

I see the dietician later today for the half-way check-in, so we will see what she has to say, but so far these are my challenge results:

  • Week one: sorbitol: no reaction
  • Week two: mannitol: unclear. I think I might have to re-test as I had some other issues that are complicating the picture.
  • Week three: lactose: no reaction
  • Week four: fructose: 2 x D and 1 x C, plus general bloating/gas/ick feeling (man, still not used to sharing this kind of info on the internet LOL)

Will let you know the verdict!

x Manda

PS I know I have used this sad panda image before, but it just seemed so appropriate for how I am feeling LOL