Challenge Three: Lactose

How time is flying! Week three of reintroduction is here, and this week’s star player: low-fat milk, 1/2 a cup to be precise.

To be honest, I am pretty happy with this week, not just because (so far) the symptoms seem okay, but because of how simple is it to incorporate a 1/2 cup of milk into your daily routine? Super easy!

Last week was all about having to get and cook cauliflower and incorporate it in the dinner and make sure I ate the right amount as part of dinner and so forth.

The week before was blackberries, which I found repulsive, and had to go about finding special ways to prepare them so I could get the sufficient quantity down.

This week – go to shop, buy low-fat milk, pour 1/2 cup into a glass, drink, done.

No icky faces, no gulping it down super quick so I don’t taste it and giving myself bloat as a side-effect of all the air, no chasing with a drink or something else to get rid of the taste or the texture memory, no preparation, no anything: just pour and drink – love it.

Having said all that, I am a bit off this week, but to be honest I think it is more to do with being away working than it is to do with this test.

The weekend’s work trip included 39 degree heat all one day and half of the second day, which then switched to crazy summer storms and being drenched, and then drying out, and then being drenched again, and then being on a very nicely air-conditioned plane in drenched clothes to come home at the end of it, after having had to wait for a cab in the rain.

It is not hard to imagine, that my body and my digestive system had a ball with that – it doesn’t deal with travel in general well, or heat, so to combine the two plus trying to work out the whole eating thing while run off my feet and low-FODMAPing – it was a challenge to say the least.

What I did in this case, as I was a bit backed up and everything that comes with that, was just take note of how I was feeling before the challenges and then after – while I didn’t feel 100% after, I didn’t note any changes in how bad I was feeling, so I think so far, this is looking like a safe one. I guess though that the true verdict will come next week, when I have my check-in appointment with the dietician!