Tried and Tested Recipe: No Bake Energy Bites


Simple, easy, high-energy, low-FODMAP, can travel well: that’s what I am looking for when it comes to food prep for my work trips away.

These energy bites tick all the boxes – I found a recipe on Gimme Some Oven (click here) – see note below about needing a sub to be low-FODMAP – but I understand from her post that she adapted it from one she found on the Smashed Peas and Carrots website.

Now, you will notice honey/agave on the recipe list, which is obviously a no-no for us on the low-FODMAP diet. So, I made the executive decision to sub it for a combination of maple syrup and golden syrup.

Other substitutes/changes I made included not including Chia Seeds (because I didn’t have any), and subbing the ground flax seeds for a mix of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almond meal as I couldn’t find any straight-up flaxseed at the shop and linseed is apparently a substitute for flax seed, while the others are still fodmap-friendly.

Aside from these, I followed the recipe as per the instructions, and I took up the suggestion of pressing the mixture into a pan to create bars after the cooling period (there is no baking required – how great is that!). You will see in the photos how I tried this out, but I found that when finished in this fashion they were quite crumbly and fell apart a lot. So I took each square and made it into a ball, and that worked much better.

These are really yummy, a great texture, and fantastic for ‘on the run’ as they aren’t messy and are bite size. They are also very filling, so you don’t need to eat many to feel satisfied.

Thanks very much to Gimme Some Oven (click here) (and Smashed Peas and Carrots) for this great recipe – it is going to be a travel staple for me I think!