Tried and Tested Recipe: Low-FODMAP Anzac Biscuits


So I am about to go travelling again for work – only two nights this time so will be easier to manage than last time, but no cooking facilities and again no food available during the day, so still plenty of prep required.

I found a heap of recipes for things I can create to take in my bag for easy eating and this afternoon undertook a mammoth kitchen frenzy to get them all created in time for leaving tomorrow morning.

First off the chopping block, were these low-FODMAP ANZAC Biscuits. The recipe is from FRIENDLY LITTLE KITCHEN:

Now I must say, that the fault of these biccies are so dark is my own – I may have slightly overcooked them. But only a little bit, and they are still really yummy and soft even if the edges are a little crispier than intended. I imagine that if cooked for the right amount of time, they would be absolutely golden in both colour and taste (pun completely intended, who doesn’t love a pun lol).

The only real change I made to the recipe was to use shredded coconut instead of desiccated, for the simple reason that I picked up the wrong one at the supermarket! And when it came time to roll the mixture into balls to make the biscuits, I did more of a ‘packing’ with my hands, as I found rolling wasn’t working for me – probably because I am domestically challenged!

I also shortened the baking time to just 15 minutes because my oven is unpredictable, and as discussed above, they could have done with a couple of minutes less. Thankfully when the edges started to burn the smell alerted me – turning from a wonderful heavenly aroma to the old acrid ‘is something burning?’ scent that the domestically challenged like me will be familiar with.

I saved them just in time though, and I am still really happy to eat them. They are nice and soft, filling, and very tasty. Will definitely try again with a shorter baking time or a lower temp next time (damn you temperamental oven) as I would love to see how these babies can get even better!

This was only one of a number of things I got busy cooking today, I will be sure to share them all with you over the coming days!

I made 12 biscuits from the mix, the recipe says 12-18 and I definitely agree that would be possible, I made my biccies pretty big and thick. While shredded and dried coconut is moderate-FODMAP when it is over a 1/2 cup serving according to MONASH (polyol-sorbitol), the recipe only has 1 cup in the whole thing, so as long as you aren’t eating half or more of the batch in one go you should be fine.