Challenge Two: Mannitol

This week’s challenge FODMAP is Mannitol.

I had planned to test with snow peas – as it was one of three suggested test items for Mannitol alongside cauliflower and mushrooms on my guide sheet from my dietician.I had made this decision purely on the fact that I don’t mind snow peas, and I thought they would be easy to have as a snack while also doing my testing.

However, after mentioning this in a discussion in one of the Facebook low-FODMAP support groups that I frequent, FODMAP expert Lee Martin alerted me to some issues with snow peas and mushrooms – namely being that they have been updated following more testing and are now no longer recommended for reintroduction testing, due to the fact that they each contain two kinds of FODMAPS (not the one, which is what you want for testing).

On top of this, I actually really like cauliflower, and it was a staple vegetable for me pre-this diet…so, it goes without saying, that I went with cauliflower this week 🙂

After receiving this helpful info from Lee, I was sure to grab my guide from my dietician and compare the test subjects to the MONASH App, and I only found one other discrepancy, which is fine as there is another alternative that fits the most recent Monash testing, so it is happy days! I see my dietician in a few weeks, so will be sure to let her know of this advice I received – the field is evolving so rapidly, the risk of misinformation or out of date information is really high I am discovering, so definitely make sure you do your research and check your facts, even when they come from a good source, to make sure they are as up to date as possible.

As far as the challenge itself – its so far, so good. I tried to make some low-FODMAP cheese sauce to have with my cauliflower as an afternoon snack, and failed miserably! I was attempting to multi-task, and I think that is where I went wrong. Constant stirring is definitely required, otherwise you end up with a lumpy and unappetising mess like I did!

I will definitely try that again during another less frazzled time, but for last night I ended up putting my serving into my dinner (Sue Shepherd’s low-FODMAP butter chicken with white rice), and I am pleased to say – all went well!

Tonight it will go into dinner again – this time gluten-free pasta with beef strips and the Sue Shepherd low-FODMAP vegetable bolognese (it is a crazy work week for me this week, so it is all about food I don’t that doesn’t need a lot of preparation for me at the moment – these meal bases are proving a life saver!).

Here is hoping that day two goes as well as day one!