Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 12

Review: Food Intolerance Management Plan

You may remember that recently I received some books from Dr Sue Shepherd’s Shepherd Works. I have spent the last few days reading the larger of these two books: The Food Intolerance Management Plan ( Authored by Dr Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, the cover of this book states that it provides “a complete health […]

February 11

REVIEW: Low FODMAP Diet Food Shopping Guide

Well, the time has come for me to start looking through these very exciting books that have arrived earlier this week! Today, I put aside some time from work to go through the smaller of the two – The “Low Fodmap Diet Food Shopping Guide, 6th Edition” by Sue Shepherd (available for purchase at Well, […]

February 10

A little bit of stress…

While Fodmapping is what my doctor has me focusing on right now, I have always known that my belly seems to be upset more when I am encountering areas of stress – especially personal stress or anxiety. Someone suggested to me a while back to have a think about the adult colouring book craze that […]

February 09

Back to reality…

After all the excitement and busyness of the last few days, Monday night saw me back at home with my two adorable kitty cats after being greeted at the airport by my amazing partner, roses in hand (awwwww). The poor thing had been too scared to organise dinner for fear of poisoning me, so we went […]

February 07

Cravings be gone!

So, today was the fourth and final day event-wise for this particular event I am working. It comprised of a 3.00am wake-up, a 4.00am on-site time, a 12 hour race that started at 5.45am, and then another four hours or so of work post-race. All together, on-site for around 18 hours. My bag was absolutely […]

February 05

I really do have great work-mates…

So, day two is run and done, and today’s lessons are: Sometimes, amazing catering companies provide gluten-free and vegetarian options. Sometimes, amazing work mates see this and basically run over the top of other people to tell you that you can, after all, eat some of the at-event food! Only to be crestfallen when you […]

February 04

Elastic-banded pants FTW!

Day one of the event has come and gone, and I have learnt some Fodmap-on-the-move lessons already. Off I have chuffed to work with my little insulated lunch bag with my wrap and chicken and salad pack, plus a laptop accompanied by plenty of snack bags in my backpack to get me through the long […]

February 03

Hungry, tired and in transit…

So – airports suck. Well, we all know that, but now we have a new reason. When it comes to eating low FODMAP, airports are the WORST. Even the big metro airports like Sydney, where in an entire food court, I came up with nothing I could stomach. That is, unless I wanted to try […]

February 02

The first BIG challenge…

Oh dear… massive challenge ahead. I just permitted a certain nagging thought that has been banging on the closed and locked door of my conscious mind to actually find its way in – I am going interstate for an intense work event from tomorrow (!)  to Monday this week. This means two days of travelling, […]

February 01

I’ve always had stage fright…

Ever since I was little, I have had the gift of the gab. I can talk, and talk, and talk. I heard the phrase ‘she would could talk underwater with a mouth full of concrete’ so often, that it didn’t even register when it was said to me. There is however, a condition to my […]