What I wish I had known…

As I start day three of my first challenge week (still no symptoms, hooray!), I find myself thinking back on the last four and a bit weeks and how much I have learnt over that time. Which got me thinking about what I know now, that I really wish I had known at the start.

One big thing in particular (which now seems glaringly obvious) would have to be – not all that is gluten-free is FODMAP-free.

I fell for this one big time on my very first low-FODMAP shop, given that under the ‘bread, pastry etc’ section of my hand-out from the dietician, it listed ‘all gluten-free products’ under the safe column.

Of course, that meant ‘all gluten-free products that don’t also include other FODMAPS’, but in my state of sheer overwhelm I completely forgot about that, and ended up with about four different things that I simply can’t eat. Thankfully, only one of those items actually made it to my stomach before I figured it out – a lovely bread that included apple in its mix. It took me three days to work that out, and because I had been warned that my symptoms would take a while to subside, it was purely by accident that I discovered my mistake!

Another, and more recent lesson, is to look for numbers on the ingredient lists. For instance, 420 and 421 represent sorbitol and mannitol, but even though I had read that in a few places, I had completely forgotten all about it. Thankfully, it seems that I have dodged the bullet in this area as I haven’t been having symptoms, but I will be adding the key numbers to my list of things to look for moving forward. What a nightmare though right, it’s hard enough remembering names, let alone numbers?!

There are definitely more lessons learned, and I will keep thinking on it and post them up here as I go, but for now, please feel free to share in the comments what you wish you had known when you started your low-FODMAP journey.