Challenge One: Sorbitol

So, the time has come to start challenging.

First cab off the rank is Sorbitol – to be tested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, with either 1/2 cup/10 blackberries (frozen is okay) or 4 apricot-halves each day.

I went with the blackberries, as even though I have never had them (I know!) I know that I despite apricots, so I figured that was the best bet.

Turns out, blackberries are not my favourite thing in the world. It is all about texture I think – I had them straight on Monday, and I won’t be doing that again! So today’s challenge will see me mix them into a smoothie with the amazing Peter’s Lactose-Free ice cream that I have mentioned earlier, and I am hoping that will make for a more palatable experience this time around.

Anyhow, what is more important, is that despite my general distaste for the challenge food in question, there were no symptoms! HUZZAH!

Of course, that was only day one of three challenge days so I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they hatch just yet, and also they test the challenges in order of least to most likely to cause issues, but I am still counting that as a win! To be honest, I still count any symptom-free day a win, so one where I intentionally tried to make myself sick and didn’t get sick, that feels great!

Okay, that is enough self-congratulating now over something that I really have no control over! I am off to have my second dose of blackberries, wish me luck! 🙂