February 20

Dear stress: I hate you

Let me level up here: I am nervous as f$%k about challenging on Monday.


‘Cos even though I don’t start challenging until Monday, I already feel sick.

Why? That doesn’t even make sense?!

Because challenges with food are not all I am dealing with right now.

Stress is a commonly cited IBS trigger, and for me it has always been pretty damn reliable. I get stressed, I get an upset stomach, I feel sick, shit happens (pun completely intended), I feel terrible, this makes me more stressed, so my symptoms get worse – regardless of what I am eating.

Don’t you love the nice little cycle that IBS gets going for you? It is so freaking awesome isn’t it.

So now, I am not only worried about being sick because of challenging, I am sick because I am worried about challenging, and because I am worried about other ‘big life’ items that are causing me stress and anxiety, which is making me feel more unwell, which is creating more anxiety. Oh dear… now my head hurts…

And as I write this, I realise that I am stressing myself out even more – using the format this is supposed to help me battle the overwhelm that this journey has seen me regularly facing. Dammit.

Okay, #rantover. Time to go and employ my stress-less techniques: cuddle with my kitties, a cup of tea, a good book, some stretching, maybe a walk. I am going to throw everything at this, and hopefully I will be feeling better by the time it comes to do the challenges (LOL).

Speaking of my kitties… I need to learn a lesson from this guy, he knows how to CHILL!

frankie chilling