Here come the challenges

So I saw my dietician yesterday.

The good news: she is happy with my progress and my success so far.

The other good news: she wants me to move onto phase 2 of the low-FODMAP diet, the challenge phase.

I am seeing a lot of concern and nervousness about the challenge phase, and it seems like a lot of people right now would be going ‘what?!?! You call that GOOD news?’ What is wrong with you, you silly woman.

Am I nervous about the fact that the next eight weeks will see me actually trying to make myself sick, three days out of every seven?

Hells yea!

Am I worried about having to leave what is my new-normal of actually being able to get out of bed in the morning, of feeling awake and alive and energised, and not having to be worried about my stomach killing my plans?

You better believe it.

But, you know what? This challenge phase means that I am finding success. That I am on the right track. And that my ‘new normal’ is just around the corner of being not just new, not just maybe a temporary relief, but just plain ‘normal’ for me. The relationship I have had with my digestive system has been anything but normal for as long as I can remember, so knowing that ahead of me, after this phase, is a potential for not only experiencing the symptom relief I have been enjoying the last couple of weeks, but also with a (hopefully) less-restricted diet – BRING IT ON!

The first challenge begins Monday – wish me luck guys  x

PS – please remind me I said all of that when I am cursing the diet, my dietician, myself and everything under the sun if/when a challenge bites me on the butt.