Tried and Tested: Sweet potato, blue cheese and spinach frittata

on the table

The finished product

I tried my first recipe from The Food Intolerance Management Plan (available for purchase from Shepherd Works) by Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, and if I do say so myself, it was a great success! The recipe is called ‘Sweet Potato, Blue Cheese and Spinach Frittata’ and is located in Part Two (recipes) of the book.

I did make one major substitution, changing blue cheese for feta cheese for the simple reason that I couldn’t locate the blue cheese in my supermarket. With the Monash App handy, I googled ‘blue cheese substitutes’ and then looked them up in the App to make sure they were safe, and hence the selection was made. I also swapped the baby spinach for spinach, as my supermarket did not have any baby spinach on hand at the time.

Aside from this, I followed the recipe to the letter – although once I had finished putting it all together on the stove top I did realise I was NOT using a ovenproof saucepan as recommended, so I did have to transfer the dish into the ovenproof pan that I did have on hand before moving to the oven stage. Note to self: buy an ovenproof pan and halve your cooking mess! (The transfer did see me stir my mix up a bit in the process of transferring pans after I had combined them, but I don’t feel that made any difference).

The smell when this was cooking was fantastic, and as far as taste, my partner (who does not eat vegetarian) and I both felt this was really tasty with a good mix of flavours, really nice texture, and filled you up just the right amount.

I would definitely recommend this recipe for anyone looking for a quick and easy (and simple) recipe for a light dinner or even lunch.

We saved the leftovers for lunch the next day also, and it was just as yummy cold! So this could be a great one made as suggested or as muffins (remember to adjust the cooking time of course), and used for lunches.

The book states that the recipe serves 4, although I think you could extend it to six, as I found it quite filling!

A big thanks to Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson for this recipe, featured as part of The Food Intolerance Management Plan, available for purchase from Shepherd Works.