Crying in the supermarket, and the silver lining…

What’s that saying? One step forward, two steps back?

Last night I was congratulating myself on how I’m adapting to this diet… I was really feeling like I was getting on top of it, and then BAM, cue holding back tears in the middle of Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon because I’m just completely and utterly overwhelmed and feel like I have no choices.

Sure, a terrible nights sleep, a headache, a different grocery store to what I have come to favor of late, and a boisterous three year old who decidedly did not want to be at the shops did not help, but all the same I felt defeated. Like I was back at square one and simply unable to see what I ‘can’ eat amongst the endless sea of what I ‘can’t’. And it sucked. It sucked hard.

I guess it’s a timely reminder to me to pre-plan what I want and can get before I go to the shops, a reminder that I’m not quite yet back at the ‘I’ll decide when I get there’ stage that in my pre-low-FODMAP life I was so used to, not just yet anyway.

It’s also a reminder of how no matter how much I feel like I’ve been crushing it at late, how much I still need and appreciate the support of those physically around me, and those who’ve been here in my shoes or are on the same journey.

And as I think about it, as I am writing this with no clear plan of where these words are going other than to get this feeling out of my head and onto the screen… I guess it’s a reminder of why I’m blogging in the first place… To share experiences like this, so when the next low-FODMAP queen or king feels completely alone and overwhelmed in the supermarket, maybe she will know she isn’t alone after all.

I guess there is a silver lining after all.