Review: Food Intolerance Management Plan

You may remember that recently I received some books from Dr Sue Shepherd’s Shepherd Works.

I have spent the last few days reading the larger of these two books: The Food Intolerance Management Plan ( Authored by Dr Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson, the cover of this book states that it provides “a complete health and lifestyle plan for people with IBS and fructose, gluten and lactose intolerances” with 80 recipes suitable for all intolerances provided within its pages.

This book in my opinion is a great book for those starting out with low FODMAPs, as it goes through a lot of really useful and easy to digest information on IBS and other related issues that can related to gut symptoms, tips and hints on travel, school lunches, eating out and catering or attending parties, other lifestyle factors for gut symptoms, as well as detailed menu plans and a wide variety of recipes covering everything from snacks through to desserts. Information is also included for those suffering coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, those who are vegetarians or who have diabetes, and those who have children using the low-FODMAP Diet.

I have tried one recipe so far, I will post a review of that shortly!

I definitely recommend checking out this book if you can – by reading it, I felt like all the information I had been learning was summarised for me into just the right amount of depth, and I found explaining what I am doing to a family member who had no info about it previously today, much easier than I had earlier. This might be due to the sheer amount I have been reading about it lately, but I think this book had a key part to play in that as I have found the information to be easily digestible (no pun intended lol).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can purchase the book (if you are so inclined) at