REVIEW: Low FODMAP Diet Food Shopping Guide

Well, the time has come for me to start looking through these very exciting books that have arrived earlier this week!

Today, I put aside some time from work to go through the smaller of the two – The “Low Fodmap Diet Food Shopping Guide, 6th Edition” by Sue Shepherd (available for purchase at

Well, this book….what to say…

How about, this thing is going to be a lifesaver?

I have loved the Monash App, that app is worth the cost and is used by me at least a few times a day, especially when I am eating out or need help deciphering whether something is okay from a label.

However, where I have struggled is my purchase of pre-packaged foods at the shops. For the ease of convenience and especially when travelling, pre-packaged products can be a god-send, and I have found it really hard to find enough of these for a good variety while not spending three hours in a shop to only have three bags of groceries by the end.

Enter the Food Shopping Guide for the Low Fodmap Diet.

Specifically written for the Australian market and covering what you will find in most major supermarkets plus health food stores, this guide lists only products that do not have excess fructose or fructans (the two most commonly occurring fodmaps), and then points out which of these could be issues for those avoiding other fodmaps – making it perfect for both the elimination phase (just ignore everything with a symbol next to it) and for those who are past re-introduction and avoiding only certain kinds of fodmaps.

It is organised into categories of food type, lists by brands and brand types, and includes images of some of the more popular items – I have to say, looking through this book and seeing many of the things I have been eating listed as safe was a big reassurance to me, even though I knew I hadn’t been having any troubles.

So, while I haven’t yet tested this book out as yet ‘in the aisle’ I definitely will be adding it to the handbag as I feel like it is going to be a very useful go-to resource indeed.

I definitely recommend this for any Australian-based Fodmappers.

For more on Shepherd’s range including options for those not based in Australia, head over to

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