Back to reality…

After all the excitement and busyness of the last few days, Monday night saw me back at home with my two adorable kitty cats after being greeted at the airport by my amazing partner, roses in hand (awwwww).

The poor thing had been too scared to organise dinner for fear of poisoning me, so we went to the Coles and picked up something that has been a big life saver for me – the Sue Shepherd Fodmap Friendly recipe bases (I promise I will write some more on these soon). The butter chicken was the chosen one that evening, and so we headed home for a yummy and tummy-friendly dinner.

After I got home and threw everything down, I would look up from cooking our yummy tea to see my adorable kitty Frankie sitting on top of my laptop bag to stop me from leaving again. They never show any interest in that bag until I have been away, and then between that and the suitcase, you can’t find them anywhere else until I go to bed that night.

The next day saw me looking at my fridge and cupboard in slight despair, as it seemed that all of my pre-planning prowess that was brought out so often and with such enthusiasm over the last week had deserted me.

Yes, I had remember to buy safe milk and bread while at the shop grabbing the chicken and sauce the night before, but I had neglected to do any forward planning outside of that AT ALL. Way to fail, Amanda Maree.

Thankfully, I had a trip outside planned (I work from home, so sometimes going out can seem entirely too much trouble) as I had an exciting errand to run – picking up a few Fodmap books I had ordered before I went away – EXCITEMENT! I haven’t opened them yet, as I am waiting until I have time to write a special post about them that is wrapped in all the glee I am sure I will have in experiencing them for the first time (man could I be more of a dork right now or what!)

Anyhow, another lesson learnt. When you go away, plan not only for when you are away, but when you get back. Otherwise, all you have to eat is vegemite on toast, or peanut butter on rice cakes, for the entire day, you silly, silly woman (lol, who doesn’t love a bit of self-flagellation in the morning hey?)