Cravings be gone!

So, today was the fourth and final day event-wise for this particular event I am working.

It comprised of a 3.00am wake-up, a 4.00am on-site time, a 12 hour race that started at 5.45am, and then another four hours or so of work post-race. All together, on-site for around 18 hours.

My bag was absolutely bursting with my pre-prepared food, and while I was worried, I am glad to say that I made it through.

The toughest part of the day Fodmap wise? When we ordered pizzas for the entire media centre (30 odd), and they all sat around me eating it, and being the kind and generous people they are, offering me some or asking why I wasn’t ‘getting in while it was hot’.

However, the best part of the day Fodmap wise, was a realisation.

I didn’t want the pizza. Or the Kit Kats that went around later that night. I had absolutely no interest.

For those who know me, to hear me say such a thing would seem impossible, but my body knows that it isn’t going to be in my best interest, and therefore I didn’t want it.

I am still working on the temptation when I am ‘unsure’ about whether something is safe, but when it is clearly in the ‘no’ column, my body seems to be starting to accept what is best for it and is helping me out by not sending me cravings or telling me that it is okay ‘for a bit’.

When I started this, I said that I wanted to do it 100% properly. There is no way I want to finally have the chance for some answers, and then do four weeks of this strict diet, to only have my test results skewed due to cheating. However, even with that commitment, the first week or so was really hard with cravings and so on, so I really can’t describe how excited I am to be feeling like this now.

Here is hoping that I can keep this mindset going once I am through the both the elimination and re-introduction phase and not on such a restrictive diet – previously my diet was absolutely terrible and I had zero restraint, so keeping this thought process around could be very helpful!