I really do have great work-mates…

So, day two is run and done, and today’s lessons are:

Sometimes, amazing catering companies provide gluten-free and vegetarian options. Sometimes, amazing work mates see this and basically run over the top of other people to tell you that you can, after all, eat some of the at-event food! Only to be crestfallen when you examine the contents of such and find that no, unfortunately you cannot partake. Back to the pre-prepared wrap and chicken/salad combination.

The Leda gluten-free arrowroot biscuits I brought today are AHMAZING…. Will buy again, definitely. Buttery and beautiful, it was hard to stop after a few. The Leda range are all gluten-free and dairy-free, wheat-free so I have found them to be a good starting point in my Coles – they are also egg-free and vegan for anyone who needs those categories looked after also.

Smelling a hot seasoned chicken just brought home from the shops and then watching your work-mates make hot chicken rolls with gravy and cheese on white break is agonising…stop looking at it and focus on all you are getting out of these changes – it is worth it to be well.

It is easy to talk too much about what you are doing on this thing, because it is almost all you think about and you are not yet on top of this whole ‘obsessing about food’ thing. On a related note, when your amazing work mate buys you lactose free ice cream and you are so excited that you can actually join the rest of the group in eating ice cream (review to come BTW) that you practically burst into song, you look like a strange weirdo. Note to self: renew commitment to investigate ways to avoid the obsession.