Elastic-banded pants FTW!

Day one of the event has come and gone, and I have learnt some Fodmap-on-the-move lessons already.

Off I have chuffed to work with my little insulated lunch bag with my wrap and chicken and salad pack, plus a laptop accompanied by plenty of snack bags in my backpack to get me through the long day ahead.

Lessons learned:

No matter how chic your lunch bag is, carrying said lunch bag makes me feel like a school kid, especially when I am already carrying my laptop on my back in a backpack because satchels just kill my shoulders. So now my task is to do one or both of the following: Learn how to ‘own it and move on’, or make more room in my bag so I don’t have to carry it.

Dry chicken with salad REALLY needs some kind of fodmap-friendly dressing. Solution: add dressing/bring dressing (duh). Note to self: research travel-friendly and fodmap friendly dressings I can have on hand without the risk of it making its way through the rest of my belongings.

Snacks get squished in my bag when they are in snaplock bags instead of containers, no matter how careful I am. Solution: containers (double duh)

Working away while early in the total elimination phase is really difficult, because every night you get invited to functions where you can’t eat anything, or if you could, you have to order very special creations and feel like one of ‘those’ people that I used to inwardly roll my eyes out (note to past self: slap yourself hard, in the face).  Solution: still figuring this one out, but so far pressing the people making the arrangements to decide on a location of eating earlier than usual so I can google the menu and try and work out what options I have before we go does some to help lessen the feeling of pressure of trying to figure it out on-site which generally includes asking lots of questions while everyone listens on.

Explaining what you are doing and why can be awkward at times, depending on who you are talking too. Solution: I found that if I don’t want to talk about ‘tummy troubles’, I could revert to ‘food allergies’ and most would accept that, and if I needed to explain further on the strictness – I could say something like the doctor has me on a strict diet ahead of some tests regards the allergies. Its seemed to work well enough without having to watch them process what ‘tummy troubles’ meant….ick.

Elastic-waisted pants are amazing for my bloated tummy as I still get used to the elimination phase, but I need to pack more than one pair for a four day event! Damn you judgemental button-up pants, damn you straight to hell *shakes fist at pants while making an angry face*. Solution… well, that is pretty self-explanatory, buy more elastic-waisted work pants, IMMEDIATELY!

I’ll be back tomorrow to fight another day….