Hungry, tired and in transit…

So – airports suck.

Well, we all know that, but now we have a new reason. When it comes to eating low FODMAP, airports are the WORST. Even the big metro airports like Sydney, where in an entire food court, I came up with nothing I could stomach. That is, unless I wanted to try and custom order from disillusioned teenagers who were doing a bad job at stifling eye rolls (is it just me, or were we so much better at it when we were teenagers? Please don’t tell me I was THAT bad at hiding my youthful contempt)! When you have your baggage going around and around on the carousel and you just want to get out of the darn place, who wants to do that!

So, knowing I had my snacks at the ready, I battled on to meet my travelling companion at the other terminal, and then found he was delayed.

Another attempt at the one café that was in this terminal saw me again unsuccessful, while saddened by the very sarcastic eye roll copped from the waitress when I kindly explained that while they had gluten-free offerings, unfortunately the items on or in those wares put them out of my metaphorical reach.


Anyhow, an hour and a half of waiting was saved by the snacks that I had purchased, although unfortunately having anticipated having been able to get a lunch somewhere, I hadn’t quite packed enough and I was clear out by the afternoon – just in time for the three hour (make that 4.5 hours thanks to Sydney traffic) car ride home. Yippee.

A McDonalds grilled chicken salad somewhat saved the day, and while I think in hindsight that there may have been some sneaky seasoning afoot, I managed to get away relatively unscathed.

And yet, the journey is not yet over. On the way to our accommodation, we stop and I shop, and then commence another hour of food prep when I arrive while the other eight (yes, eight) people that I am sharing the house with for the next few days congregate in the adjoining lounge room, talk, drink and be merry.

I remind myself… it is worth it to be well, it is worth it to be well, it is worth it to be well.

Once I am done, I have a pile of cooked chicken and beef, a few beef and salad wraps pre-prepared (gluten-free) and some chicken and salad packs all ready to go for the next day, with the extra meat in the freezer ready for later in the week.

Also, pretty much everyone in the house now knows what is going on with me, as they have all come into the kitchen at some point with a ‘what the hell are you doing’ look on their faces.

This look is mostly motivated by their knowledge of my previous fondness for take-out, junk food and absolute minimum fuss and effort when it comes to food preparation, so I can’t blame them. So far, everyone is being quite supportive, at least to my face anyway haha!

I have to say though, that there is a large amount of satisfaction in looking at the fridge and knowing that for the next six days, I am 100% in control of my food, knowing what is in it, and being able to know I will have something to eat, even when I am working my absolute butt off. Perhaps, food prep is not so bad after all :-D!