The first BIG challenge…

Oh dear… massive challenge ahead.

I just permitted a certain nagging thought that has been banging on the closed and locked door of my conscious mind to actually find its way in – I am going interstate for an intense work event from tomorrow (!)  to Monday this week.

This means two days of travelling, and four days of long (12 hours minimum to around 19 hours on the biggest day) on-site at a major international motorsport event, where it is pretty to safe that I won’t be able to easily eat any of the available fare – not the provided lunches, not the on-track lunches, nothing from catering or the lunch vans, none of the food back at our share accommodation, and nothing at any of the functions that we will go to. Lord help me, I am doomed. How the hell am I going to do this?

Que the mild panic attack and the swearing at my body for being such a pain in the arse that I have to do this fodmap thing in the first place!


Okay, so now that is done, I guess it is time to look at food prep.

And to remind myself to stop beating myself up for doing the right thing by my body and my mind by embarking on this challenging yet ultimately rewarding journey.

And do more research, lots and lots more research….


So…I went shopping (again).

I will confess that I spent probably just as much time finding my low fodmap foods for my trip away as I did trying to select just the right insulated lunch bag from my local Coles, but I got it done! Well, I snapped up the least ‘first day of grade four’ lunch bag I could find, without having to deviate from the Coles that I happened to be in at that exact moment anyhow.

Next came an hour of food prep, and here I am, ready to roll.

I have six days’ worth of snacks (gluten free maple wholegrain cereal, rice cakes, carrot sticks, gluten free bread for toast, and of course my favourite dark chocolate) as well as a plan for what to buy when I arrive down in Bathurst, where some more food prep of the non-travel-friendly items will commence after a brief (and pre-planned) shop in the local grocery story.

Wish me luck!