Will you just shut up already…

I think I am starting to become obsessive. All I seem to think about is food, what I can eat, when I can eat it, how much of it I can eat, what I can have to drink with it. Not only food, but symptoms constantly weigh on my mind – how am I feeling, is that twinge in my belly just a twinge, or the beginning of my stomach’s revenge for a stuff-up in my navigating of this fodmap minefield… oh my god look how bloated I am today, oh dear, where is the loo….”, in short, I don’t think I have ever been so aware of my food or myself as I am right now.

I find myself talking about it endlessly, thinking about it, and researching it instead of doing other tasks while intermittently staring forlornly at the cupboard or swearing at ingredient labels that looked oh so good until that one nasty ingredient popped its head up.

The worst I think is when in the shop you thought it was a safe bet, only to get home and on a re-read of the ingredients find that you overlooked a crucial item that means it can no longer be that afternoon snack you were oh so looking forward to. It is as bad as coming home and finding out the food that you had been thinking about all day had been eaten by your flatmate, except that you took it out of your own hands by stuffing up the purchase to begin with!

I think I had better go look up some techniques for dealing with obsession…. Wish me luck!