For the love of chocolate…

Oh dear lord, how I craved a chocolate cake today. I work from home, it was raining, and it was just tearing at me on the inside that I couldn’t tuck into a nice warm cuppa with some freshly baked chocolate cake with an awesome topping of chocolate icing on the top – alas, all the recipes or packet mixes I had contained nasty fodmaps.

I did have gluten-free cake mix, but as I purchased it when I was very, very, very naïve on the fodmap side of things (instead of just very, very naïve like I am now), I didn’t realise it had some nasties in it that I need to avoid (it turns out that being gluten-free doesn’t excuse you from looking at the ingredients for other fodmap baddies, who knew!)

However, the internet (as it so often does), came to my rescue with a low-fodmap ‘cake in a mug’ recipe that hit the spot oh so amazingly well. I may not be religious, but hallelujah!

If you would like to check it out, KATESCARLATA.COM – it is from Fodmap and IBS expert Kate Scarlata. My review: it might be because I was craving like a mother$%&#@%, but I found this really hit the spot. More like a brownie than a cake which I loved (note: I did ditch the nuts and used buckwheat flour as it is what I had on hand), it was nice and chocolatey and tasted as good as the other cake in a mugs I have tried. TIP: don’t over-cook it, as with such a small amount being cooked and in the microwave, even just a few seconds can make the difference between perfect and crispy. Happy baking!