Here we go…

So, I am home from my camping trip, and I feel like crap.

Partly because I haven’t slept properly in three days due to a combination of a snoring yet lovable partner, a sore belly due to my continuing issues, and drinking.

Although my fodmap elimination diet doesn’t start until today technically, I was good and changed my alcohol of choice right away, as my usual (rum) is apparently a very big ‘no, no’ when it comes to fodmaps, due to it being produced from barley sugar.

Instead, I got into the vodka and lemonade, which saw me singing and dancing around the campfire like I could (I really, really can’t) until the very wee hours of Sunday, much to the amusement of my partner.

While I will give myself a pat on the back for that (and I need as many as I can get to keep me going through this process, so please forgive the gratuitous self-back-patting), I do have to confess that I did flounder right at the beginning.

Why? Because when it comes to major lifestyle change I like to put it off as long as possible, so I of course did not do a pre-camping shop or think ahead to include fodmap friendly food for camping’s Monday morning (asides from the aforementioned alcohol conversion).

So, this morning, still at the campsite, I had to be bad and have non gluten free pancakes and non-lactose-free milk in my tea (bad Manda), but from this afternoon on it is low fodmap all the way baby!

Shopping is coming soon – wish me luck!


So, I went to the grocery shops and I kid you not, I would have been there for 90 minutes trying to work out what I can and can’t buy, and the main lesson was – EVERYTHING has onion and garlic! Sheesh!

Regardless, I made it away with enough to get through a day or two while I figure out some more options to balance this Fodmap thing with the fact that I am a picky eater and someone who at times has to work away from home.

The dietician gave me a list of websites to check out as well as my lovely hand-out, so I will be checking those out and hopefully I can come up with some more options and work out a way to look less insane in the aisles! I will check back soon with the results!