Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 31

Support groups FTW!

Oh support groups, you are my new favourite thing. I had the great idea to type ‘fodmap’ into my facebook search bar today, and low and behold, there are so many of you out there who are just like me, dealing with this whole fodmap thing. I am not alone. And it feels amazing. Already, […]

January 29

Will you just shut up already…

I think I am starting to become obsessive. All I seem to think about is food, what I can eat, when I can eat it, how much of it I can eat, what I can have to drink with it. Not only food, but symptoms constantly weigh on my mind – how am I feeling, […]

January 28

For the love of chocolate…

Oh dear lord, how I craved a chocolate cake today. I work from home, it was raining, and it was just tearing at me on the inside that I couldn’t tuck into a nice warm cuppa with some freshly baked chocolate cake with an awesome topping of chocolate icing on the top – alas, all […]

January 26

You can’t eat what?

So, it has been a night of looking at the Monash website and reading up to try and wrap my head around what Fodmaps really are. So far, my mind is still boggling from the info, but one thing is clear – this Monash app is going to be a lifesaver! Even if I have […]

January 25

Here we go…

So, I am home from my camping trip, and I feel like crap. Partly because I haven’t slept properly in three days due to a combination of a snoring yet lovable partner, a sore belly due to my continuing issues, and drinking. Although my fodmap elimination diet doesn’t start until today technically, I was good […]

January 21

Oh My Fod(map)!

Oh my fod(map)! Oh my god, or should I say oh my fod(map)! I am staring at this list from my lovely dietician, and am feeling completely overwhelmed. Thankfully – today is a Thursday, and Lauren (the aforementioned lovely dietician) would prefer I start the elimination diet on a Monday, so I have a few […]